The cookies are small fragments of text that the sites that you visit pass to your computer, in this way they are memorized and the next time you will acess to this site, the cookies will produce a connection to your device and the web page.

During the navigation in a site, the user could also receive in its device cookies that are carry on from different sites (called “third party”) that could have some elements (such as, images, map, sounds, specify link to indicate different domain) which stay inside the site the user has visited.
The majority of web sites uses cookies because they are good tools to improve the navigation experience of the users.
In fact, cookies allow a web site to offer personal services which the porpuse of make navigation easier for the user.
The cookies don’t cause any damage to your devices and they help the editor of the web page to resolve technical error.




There are different types of cookies.

In respect of duration, we can separate the temporary cookies (also called, session cookies) which are submited to an automatic cancellation when you close the browser, from the permanent cookies that are not cancelled and stay inside the device until they are eliminated or expired.

The majority of browsers acept cookies automatically.

Depending on the quality, we can distinguish between tecnical cookies and cookies that outline the user profile.





The user could deactivate cookies from their own browser, visiting the window refered to the settings. We have set out some possible ways to deactivate cookies below:

Navigation with Google Chrome: 1. Settings of Chrome; 2. Advanced settings; 3. Privacy-Settings contents; 4. Cookie: once you have entered this window the user could opt in to the following boxes, a) Consent the safe of datas in local; b) Store local datas only until the closing of the browser; c) Prevent the site to store data; d) Block in cookie from third party and the sites data;

Navigation with Mozzilla Firefox, to deactivate click here;

Navigation with Internet Explorer, to deactivate click here //;

Navigation with Safari, to deactivate click here;